Findersat is a dynamic presence in the area of ​​production and distribution of electronic and electrical products. It comes as a natural evolution of the finders company founded in 1990 and being a decisive step to conquer a leading position in the respective market, findersat "finds" the digital age and envisions a dynamic future.

Utilizing the experience of the old executives and investing in the knowledge and freshness of the younger ones, it aspires to be a reference brand in the category of products it produces and trades. The integrated production program of materials for receiving, amplifying and transmitting the television signal, adapted to the digital age and with the "Greek product" seal, is enriched with new products that meet modern market requirements. The ambition and pursuit of its founders is for findersat to establish its presence in the field of electrical products.

With its first product, the autonomous central heating panel, which already enjoys the trust of the technical world, it is implementing an ambitious program of production and distribution of electrical products. The modern facilities at Industrial Area of Ioannina, the quality control of the produced products, the expertise of the executives and the quality of the services provided maintain the relationship of trust with the market and give hope for further development.

Philosophy & relationship with our customers

Findersat's customers are its main asset. Maintaining the relationship of trust between the company and its customers is a constant pursuit of the company's executives.

The integrated production program of materials for receiving, transmitting and amplifying the television signal, the top quality of the products, the well-organized commercial department and the most complete administrative organization, create the conditions to have only satisfied customers.

Findersat's management and executives promise consistency in the constant commitment to continuous improvement of products and services.

In our facilities in the Industrial Area of Ioannina Greece are manufactured:

  • TV antennas
  • TV signal amplifiers
  • Heating autonomy tables

Also available:

  • TV cables
  • TV mounts
  • Telecommunication equipment